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What will be strategy in 2 months for getting Seller Level 2


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Hello Fiveer community! I hope all of you are fine. Can you please tell me what is the strategy made for any seller to achieve Seller Level 2. . How can you we receive orders fast.


How can you we receive orders fast.

Well " you we" can receive orders if we bother to check Fiverr Tips category instead of recreating million times repeated threads…

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I wouldn’t focus on getting level 2 in 2 months. Being in a rush isn’t really the goal when you are starting a new business. Focus on tweaking your gigs according to the tips you read in the Tips for Sellers forum, the Academy and elsewhere. Focus on delivering the finest possible quality in your first orders so your business will have a foundation that includes a good reputation. If you make mistakes, learn from them. Fiverr is a great platform for new entrepreneurs but it isn’t a fast cash machine or a drive-through business generator. Good luck!

My suggestion would be to start with some of these great resources:

The Fiverr Academy (Best for brand new or struggling sellers)

The Support Team Knowledge Base (use search for best results)

The Tips for Sellers forum category (A good place to read tips and post tips for others - for a place to ask questions keep reading)

The Fiverr FAQ (Great to read simple Q & A or post a question IF it hasn’t been posted before)

The Conversations forum category (Good for general chit chat or questions that might lead to a full discussion)

It’s also good to become familiar with:

Summary on Fiverr Communications

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