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Every time update gig information & it will get disappeared on fiverr site


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If we update our gig (e.g.: price, title, description), after save and that gig will get totally disappeared on fiverr.com , I contacted CS so many times just to fix this problem, yeah, even though they fixed it every time I filed a ticket.

The point is why this bug caused? So we now so hard to update our gig else it will be buried and no sales.

This is a major bug and fiverr really need to hire some ‘qualify’ developer to fix this SHXT. Very very annoyed.

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Hi Chris,

ALL gigs, get taken of search result for up to 48 hours, for a manual review by the editorial team, when you perform a major change in ANY information on your gigs.

This is NOT a bug.

Yeah, thanks for the info.

I understand it now, but fiverr should put a small text next to the save button to let ser know it takes upto 48hrs for review.

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