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Spam on the buyer's request section


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I was about to say it!

I’m new to this website, and when I went to the BRS to check for people’s requests, half of them were people blatantly self-advertising themselves…

I personally consider it as both spam and rule violation, but sadly, I couldn’t find a way to report them. I hope this gets noticed.

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Buyers Request is for buyers not sellers. This baffles me even more as these post get posted without problems yet genuine buyers run into multiple issues posting jobs. Reporting this to CS will help very little as they will request screen captures of these individuals’ post in this section.

Its tedious to say the least but this is what has been told to many yet the situation continues to get worse and worse.

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Yes, sellers posting there are spamming. It’s been discussed often and in many posts. Since the squeaky wheel gets the grease, it never hurts to send a note to Customer Support with your concerns or add to an ongoing thread. Here is an active thread in Site Suggestions where staff is mostly likely to see it:

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Spamming, Posting or Demanding work in Buyer Requests Section (2017)

Hey there, Its almost so annoying to see the seller spamming in the buyer request section posting for work, Dear Fiverr Team, Kindly stop this spamming, its so annoying and irritating to search for real Buyer request, eventually i will...

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