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Home Alone 🌴


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That’s everyday for me.

  • I read 5r forum

  • I go nuts ordering too many gigs, then go crazy trying to juggle questions from multiple sellers

  • I write a short story (3000 to 5000) - then spend more money on 5r hiring an editor, proofreader

  • I research for my next book - typically women’s attire, role, education, job status - around the world. (Although, I’ve gotten into hiring VA to do this more and more now)

  • I tweet

  • Talk to family over 40, Text family & friends under 40

  • Exercise

  • Come up with my next story idea. I’m falling behind.

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Hi 🐧 (I don’t know what your name is so your default name is penguin),

Well, let’s see . . . I have a million ideas for you, but don’t have five hours at the moment to type them all here.
So for now I just wanna say

  • 😸Adopt a cat or dog—you will both live longer and you will never be bored.

  • :microphone2:If you all ur Facebook and s***e friends are offline/live friends at work or asleep. . . maybe order a gig on our dear Fiverr which involves s***e—an online live class or something. You won’t be alone + you can learn something new! YAY 🎉

  • 👻 Feeling paranormal activity . . . hmm.
    I guess just let the ghosts hang out and do their thing. If it’s so boring there as you say, they’ll eventually say, ‘This place is lame. Let’s go to hang out at the park.’

  • 👍About pressure from work + inability to concentrate—I recommend a specific YouTube channel, but not sure if I’m allowed to share the link here.
    [i have zero connection with the channel. Mods-may I have permission?]

Personally, I love being alone.
I live alone and work/study from home, I should get out more, but I don’t. And the few suggestions + the other million keep me productive, safe from ghosts, feeling cozy and happy. 🙂

May 🌻

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Well, today I was home alone. I spent legitimately 6 hours learning the “Alphabet Aerobics Rap” that Daniel Radcliffe rapped on the Jimmy Fallon show. It’s basically a rap that has many complicated intercalated lyrics at a verrryyyyy fast pace. It starts off with A- for example “Artificial amateurs aren’t at all amazing, analytically I assault animate things.” And goes all the way through the entire alphabet, some serious tongue twisters. I now have a headache, but it was completely worth it, if you haven’t checked it out i’d definitely look it up. But yeah, definitely a usual day in my every day life. 😂

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Tell us more about the paranormal activity and has anyone else experienced paranormal activity?

I was once returning from late night classes. After leaving the bus, there’s this 10 minutes walking distance. I decided to take shortcut from some neighborhood which becomes quite silent at night. It was a little dark and I was walking. I was just walking and I looked at a nearby car and suddenly I felt like the steering wheel moved!

I swear the steering wheel moved and I didn’t see anyone. I kept walking like nothing happened and after some distance I ran like there’s no tomorrow. Ofcourse I was scared as this happened before 5 or 6 years.

But It might be just my thinking or it might be what you think…

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