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Running Fiverr Account


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If Fiverr staff sees two account originating from the same location, it will look like one person with multiple accounts which is against the Fiverr Terms of Service. It could easily result in both accounts being banned.

What you need to do is to contact Customer Support before your brother creates an account and explain the situation. Give them the username your brother wants to create and let them know that you will use different PayPal/Other payment methods for withdrawals. It is also best to sell gigs in different categories from each other and let CS know that as well. I imagine you will also each need your own phone number for phone verification but since that is new, you’ll have to ask them.

In most cases they will give you written permission to do that and then you’ll be OK. Just save a screenshot of the permission in case something is misunderstood in the future. If Fiverr chooses not to give permission, then it would be inadvisable to proceed.

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