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Problem encountered with "Not an original image or design"


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I try not to rant too much as this seems very idiotic to me as per say, it might be a technical problem due to the past where i report a buyer that stole my artwork.

I put my gig to pause because I was trying to build my portfolio. Now things are done and well, I resumed the gigs - one of my gig mentioned that I Could Not Publish My Old Gig Because

Not an original image or design
The image you are using to represent your Gig has been flagged by our team for copyright infringement. We kindly ask that you replace your image.


So here I am stating that I, ButterLux, made these artworks by my hand and I too had uploaded the same set of image on ButterLux.deviantart.com I still have the PSD file and i can upload here if i have to



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I read something like this while ago “Pokémon Sues Their Biggest Fan for Copyright Infringement.” So this is same on your case, and @miiila Guessed it right! Bad for you that you have been compromised among all others and good for you that you learned something.
Those arts was right when they just fanned art. However, here in Fiverr, it is a commercial need, and you cannot use their characters, or you need to get the permission first (which isn’t possible) Read here to learn more:

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Hi ButterLux, I think the problem here might be not if you made the artwork yourself or not, but that there´s Pikachu and such on it, the pokemon surely are under copyright.

oh right it totally flew over my head. I was thinking how weird it is to stated my art work is copyrighted

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