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Stop the Clock! Please ;-)


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Ok… here is a great feature that should be added. When someone buys a gig the clock starts…tick tock… tick tock… tick tock… Now let’s say you go in and find out you need more info. Instead of just sending a reply message that states what you need… what if there was an added option in the Resolution Center that said “Stop the clock”. This would have “Fiverrtron” check to see who sent the most recent message. If “Fiverrtron” sees that it was the seller he would stop the clock until the buyer responds. Once the buyer responds the clock would start back up.

What do you think? I think this would especially help for gigs that have very limited time and may need additional information before completing the gig.


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Sellers offering quick turnaround on gigs do that for a reason, of course. To get sales from buyers who want or need quick results. But those sellers and buyers don’t always communicate well enough or understand precisely what information needs to go back and forth before a gig can be started, much less finished.

Not to mention the lag time that might happen before payment even clears. I’ve seen sellers promising “5 hour delivery” on gigs, but they don’t or can’t even be sure to see the email if it comes at night or before payment transaction is done.

So when two sides that both want to do a fast deal disagree on when the clock starts or stops, will letting either side “stop the clock” in the middle really help? Sure, if allowed, it would help the seller avoid the consequences of a cancellation, but it also makes a lie of the very purpose of calling it a “fast delivery” gig.

Seems to be more honest to require a clearer negotiation in advance about what is needed before ANY clock starts, then adhere to the clock once there is a meeting of the minds on the deal. Then either side could do a no-fault cancel if those discussion reveal that the job or delivery time is not mutually acceptable.

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