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Oh no my coworker has found out I'm a Fiverr member


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…and I see her everyday.
I talk to her all the time.
We went drinking together the other day.

I have another coworker who knows I sell gigs here but he doesn’t have an account,
but she does.
She is a frequent Fiverr buyer apparently. She saw my gigs too. She’s interested in them.

Woops, that means I can’t talk to her at all at work?? 😱

Fiverr pleeeeaaaaase, show some mercy!!
I know we are not supposed to contact each other outside Fiverr, but please let this one slide!

OK, JK, I don’t think I’m gonna lose my account or anything over this.

I mean…I won’t, right…?

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I relate… Like many here, I’ve been on Facebook for a long time, and some of my clients have come from those existing relationships.

I knew them long before Fiverr. I just tell them I will be friendly but not discuss any other communication or contacts if they buy a gig or send a message via Fiverr.

It happens… And occasionally one of them says something… I then politely tell them it’s a TOS violation to discuss outside of Fiverr, and I don’t do that.

I also have the issue of a unique name, so some of my Fiverr contacts find me on FB, and send me a friend request. I never go after them, but if they contact me, it seems rude to ignore them.

I don’t worry about it since I’m not going around Fiverr in terms of any sales/business.

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