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Mobile Authorisation Blocking Funds Withdrawl


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Hey Guys,

Is anyone experiencing an issue with the withdrawing funds after the new Mobile Authorisation process launched?

I have been unable to access my funds now for over 5 days as the new Mobile Authorisation process has totally killed the withdrawl process.

I have a significant amount of earnings now stuck on the Fiverr Site that I cannot withdraw and CS seem to be very slow in resolving this. As Fiverr is my Full Time Income this is very worring as I cannot withdraw to pay bills etc…not good.

I am wondering if this is an isolated incident with just my account or are you other sellers experiencing the same problems.

Any feedback would be awesome.


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UPDATE: Not sure if anyone else experiences this issue however I have been able to resolve the problem myself.

I went into my profile settings and clicked to change my phone number…I then just submitted the same number over again and it appears to have worked.

I can now access my money!!

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