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My first month on Fiverr


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Hi, I came across a few posts that were talking about how people are unable to find work on fiverr, so I decided to share my personal experience.

I created my account in the beginning of March, but did not use it for a few weeks; because honestly I had no idea what I was doing. Then towards the end of March I decided to give it another go. I researched online for tips and helps on how to get started. After an good 2 hours of research, I had a grasp on the basic workings.

I created 2 gigs, and was wondering what was wrong with them. Since there were zero orders, and was obsessing over them. At that point I was lucky enough to find the fiverr forum. I asked for help, and I got an amazing response.

After I had made the necessary changes, I was all set. I made around 50 dollars the following week, and even managed to earn the level one badge!

So dont give up! Keep working on it, and you will do just fine. Apart from that I want to say thank you to all the helpful members on fiverr forum. You guys are great, thank you!

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