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Fiverr to Bank Payment still not transfered


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I have transferred my fiverr account balance to my Bank Account on 31-March-2017.
And today it is 10-April-2017 and still it is not debited to my Bank Account after 10 days.

So, when it was debited…?
Can any one have this much issue before today…?


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I was curious about this myself as I had a similar situation. I checked the email from Payoneer and it said “once you have a balance of $29.99 or more your transfer will be completed.” Up until this point that had not been the case and even small transfers as little as $4 were OK. Has anyone else noticed this?

I would check the email you got from Payoneer when you made the transfer to see if it says something similar.

I really hope this isn’t the standard operating procedure going forward. If so I might just have to go back to PayPal…

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