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Optimizing Your Gigs from A-Z


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We’ve broken down each element on the Gig page to offer you some insight on what you can do to improve your Gig and get noticed by our Editors.

Do Some Research

The key to setting up your Gig is to think like a potential buyer.

Do a test run from a buyer’s perspective and search for a service like yours on Fiverr to see what you find, which service caught your eye and which would you choose. Then when you work on your Gig, without duplicating these Gigs, apply the concepts that you found worked to your own Gig.


You have up to 80 characters for your title. It should be to the point, clear and clean. Now, descriptions are only on your Gig page, so your title is what lets buyers know what service they will get from you.

The key is to keep simple and descriptive. When a buyer clicks on your title and gets to your Gig, there should be no surprises.

It’s important to use terms that your buyer would use when looking for your service on Fiverr. No need to have the same key term twice, you don’t have the room for it and it can actually decrease your chances of getting promoted.

Category & Subcategory

Choose the right category and subcategory for your service. Remember that this is where your Gig will appear when buyers are looking. My best suggestion would be to think like a buyer. Put yourself in their shoes and do a search for the service you are offering. See what comes up and where Gigs like yours are appearing.

Also, with the revamped Gig Requests, you can only offer Gigs that match the category and subcategory of your buyer’s request.

If you offer a service that fits under different categories, you can break out these services to offer separate Gigs specific to that category. Make sure not to just duplicate your Gig, this can result in you not being promoted.

Gig Gallery

Images must be in JPEG format, 682 pixels wide x 459 pixels high and no more than 2MB each. Your image needs to be related to the service you are offering, or better, show buyers who they’ll be working with and by adding a photo of yourself.

Think of these images as describing your work with a visual. On all the pages that your buyers are searching for remember that there is no description, just your title and image. You want to grab attention with your image and at the same time, let your buyer know what you offer at a glance.

Each Gig you post should have a unique image for that Gig. Also, be careful not to misrepresent your own work. For example, if you’re a logo designer, don’t add a photo of a logo that you found on the internet be sure to use your own design because buyers may expect to see your pieces from your own portfolio.


You have 1,200 characters (not words) to describe your service to your buyers. This is where you can go into detail about the service you offer and let buyers know the price breakdown for the services you offer.

Be as clear as you can. If you have specific instructions for your buyer, add them here also. This insures that there are no surprises when they get your instructions after they place an order.


You can add a maximum of 5 tags separated by commas. Pick the most relevant terms for your service.


We highly recommend that you add a video to your Gig, we’ve seen that it can increase sales by over 200%. The videos that work the best are the ones where you as a seller, get in front of the camera and introduce yourself to your buyer. Tell them, face-to-face what service you offer and why they should hire you for the job.

Every Gig you make should have a unique video specific to that service. If you want to increase your Gig conversions, this is the way to go.

Videos should be high quality.
  • A good quality webcam or smartphone will do the trick! A quick tip for smartphones, make sure to film panoramic so the video comes out full screen ;)
  • Make sure that voice syncs with your talking mouth, otherwise it’s hard to watch!

Footage should be clean and clear.
  • We want to see you and not a blurry blob so make sure you come out clear in the shot.
  • Film your video in an area with natural light. Not enough light will result in a blurry video and too much light will wash you out. Do a quick test to see how the video looks and adjust accordingly.

Keep it short and to the point.
  • People lose attention and if you want your buyer to make it through the entire video, we’ve found that short and on topic works best.

Keep it real and sell it.
  • Be yourself! This is your first impression to buyers. Let them get to know you. Tell them about you, your experience and the service that you are offering. Tell them why you’re the one for the job. Convince buyers to hire you even before they send you a message.

Note: After you upload your video our Editors will review it, so don’t be alarmed if you don’t see the video up right away.

Fill out your profile!

You can see that your profile info now appears on the right side of your Gig page. More than ever, having a profile picture (of you) and a brief description can really compliment your Gig page and give buyers a better sense of who they could be working with. So be sure to take advantage of this spot and fill out your profile!

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It’s always the video that’s missing in my gigs and I remember my first month of seriousness here that was the first advice you’ve given me yet I cound’t find the time to arrange a good one. I will definitely try one of these days, thanks!

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Guest tn5rr2012

Kevin knows his stuff and I have followed his tips and advise for almost two years now. Making yourself stand out from the rest will make all the difference. I created a unique family tree gig about two years ago and built a reputation. Many have followed in my footsteps but have not matched what I deliver and give to all my clients. Great job Kevin and thanks for all that you do for everyone!

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Reply to @hiaamir: First, read carefully the tips put forward by kevinwil, try to put into action as many of them as possible, search the forum for more advice, then try buying some Gigs from sellers that offer the service you need. And good luck 🙂

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