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Fielding Multiple Sellers - Question


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I am fairly new on the site and have been looking at the forums but have not found an answer to a question. This is one I would like some sellers feedback on, before I proceed to contact sellers. Help if you can.

I am going to be approaching graphic designers for a T-shirt design. I made a raw sketch ( I cannot draw for crap and it is just basic to show what I am looking for). I know I should include it.

Here is where I am stuck. I am not sure if it would be ok to get a basic package from a bunch of sellers, and then pick which one I want to put on a shirt, THEN pay for commercial use?

Can I do that? If I am upfront with the sellers?

I would like to get more than one artists interpretation to pick from. I cannot afford to pay commercial use for a dozen designs. I can pay for the one I end up going with.

Is this allowed? As long as I am upfront?

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It actually sounds like a fantastic approach.

As long as you do not use your final selection without purchasing a commercial license, you can order a “Draft” from as many designers as you wish.

Go for it! 👍

Oh yes, I would definitely cover the commercial use, as I do want to sell the shirts! They are not a give away or something for a family event. I hope to market them.

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No, what you should do is write clear instructions, then hire the sellers and copy and paste said instructions.

Don’t message people unless they ask to be message, and avoid anyone who charges a commercial license.

I have never paid a commercial license, and I refuse to pay for. Furthermore, only lawyers can create legitimate commercial licenses, and there isn’t a case of anyone getting sued for not paying a commercial license on Fiverr.

If you pay me to write a radio commercial, that radio becomes your radio. If I pay you to design a t-shirt, that artwork becomes my property. I can do with it what I see fit. I can even hire another designer to improve it.

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