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How to review a seller for a completed order 😊 😊 😊


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Hello Friends! I am Riyana, Today I am going to give you few TIPS about rating and leaving feedback for sellers for the completed orders.

Ha haa… That’s funny isn’t it? For sellers it’s not so funny. For fiverr sellers ratings and feedback are important as much as money they got for the completed order. For some sellers, specially for new comers ratings are much important than the profit they get. So NEVER LEAVE WITHOUT LEAVING A FEEDBACK. Good feedback is just like a TIP for the work done.

Unfortunately some buyers (Not everyone, Specially new buyers) play around with ratings badly. They think this is just like a survey. Yes, It’s bit like a survey but they all hoping to get best ratings for their work. Here I am not asking you to leave 5 star ratings for bad works done by sellers. I just need to let you know that how important these ratings for fiverr sellers. So please make sure to give them the best ratings you can.

You can rate sellers under 3 categories

Service as described
Please check whether the seller has delivered what he/she promised in the gig description or in the conversation. Your expectation may have been higher that what he/she delivered but if the seller has delivered what he/she promised don’t think twice to give him/her five star review for this category.

Also some buyers request extra works in the middle of the order and once the seller refuses it ask for more money they give a negative review for the processed order. So, please make sure to describe everything needs to be done before place the order. If you need anything else in the middle of the order is processing seller has all the right to refuse it or ask for more money. Please do not consider such disappointment when rating.

Communication with sellers
This is really important. You can rate this under two factors. The way he/she communicating and how fast. If the seller wasn’t polite you can give them a lower rate because everyone is supposed to be polite. but please don’t forget that English knowledge of some sellers from Asia and Africa is not good as much as yours. So, they may not know how to be polite when talking. In such situation you can give them a good rating because the problem is with their language not with their attitude.

Also if the sellers didn’t response fast you can leave them a lower rate for their communication. But please don’t forget that this is an international market place. Many of sellers you met are out of your time region. So they may not be able to response as fast as you expect since this time difference. Once yo awake they may have asleep and once the away you may have asleep. So please consider this factor before you give them a lower rate.

Buy Again or Recommended
This is not hard, If the seller did a great work for you you will definitely come to him/her again and recommend for others too 🙂

Fiverr has give you an option to rate them without writing anything as a feedback. So a short feedback such as “Outstanding Experience” will be added automatically for the completed work. But if you have enough time please make sure to leave your own feedback for them because they have work hours and hours, days and days for you so please be kind enough to find a minute or two for them.

Thank you for reading. Hope you will consider these facts when rating next time 🙂


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