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Trying to get married!


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Hello everyone, Nick aka nytechboy here. Seems like things have slowed down quite a bit here on fiverr now that V2 has been fully rolled out. I made it to 49 completed gigs and then silence for about 4 days now. As you may know from reading my story I am 28 years old and trying to marry Caitlin, the girl of my dreams and love of my life <3 I have been trying to raise money through fiverr to purchase a ring and propose. I have a few different gigs out and can do quite a few different things from graphic design to writing to fixing web sites and digital photo editing.

I have a gig called “I will do what we discussed in conversation” and if you send me a message with what you need done I am sure I can do it for you!

Please take a second to look at my gigs http://fiverr.com/nytechboy , Caitlin and I would greatly appreciate it!

I’m working hard to make our dreams come true 🙂

Thanks everyone.

P.S. Isn’t she adorable?

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Guest mrspanda

Aaaaw! Well, best of luck to you!! Once you buy her a ring, be sure to post another pic of her-- but with a smile! 😃

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