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How much would you charge for this much research?


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I’m looking for forums across the internet in many different languages about many different topics.
To my surprise, there aren’t many people of many different languages using the internet. I can’t reach a good portion across the globe.

I’ve come up with this formula. I know that Programming and Technology forums are popular on the internet. “Comes with the territory” as they say where I’m from. It’s inherent to the nature of the internet platform. The thing is, I want a good reach in all topics. Even things like fashion & maybe makeup.
I’m thinking of exploring the “commenting” section of many different websites too, but I don’t know how to map the nature of those out yet; news, current events, twitter discussions maybe. I’ll need to work on that.

I have 38 languages, and each of those languages has a multiplier value for how many forums I’m expecting.
I need 25*LanguageWeight points per language. It takes 8 “video game” forums to earn one point. It takes 8 “dating & relationship” forums to get 1 point. Fashion only requires 1 forum to get 1 point. You can mix “video games and dating” for fractions of points to add up together. I am trying to go for a good ratio distribution across the 13 forum topics I have. Here’s the list of them with their weights:
//class 1
A-Cyber, Programming, Technology x 8
B-Business, money making x 8
C-Dating, Relationships, Sex x 8
D-Politics, Conspiracy-theories x 3
E-Spiritual, Religious, Occult, Paranormal x 3
F-CryptoCurrency/Bitcoin x 5 // because of surge and specific operations.
G-Video Games x 8
H-General x 1 // ask someone from HackForums.net
//Class 2
I-Film x 2
J-Fashion x 1
K-Sports x 2
L-Makeup x 1 // ? should we do this one?
M-Anime x 7

The language weights are as follows:
English 25 (625 points)
Chinese 20 (500 points)
Russian 3 (75 points)
Japanese 3.5 (12 + 75 = 87 points )
German 2.5 ( 62 points )
Spanish 8 (200 points)
French 2.5 (62 points)
Portuguese 4 (100 points)
Italian 1 (25 points)
Polish 1 (25 points)
Turkish 1 (25 points)
Persian 1 (25 points)
Dutch, Flemish 1 (25 points)
Korean 1 (25 points)
Czech 1 (25 points)
Arabic 1 (25 points)
Vietnamese 1 (25 points)
Indonesian 1 (25 points)
Greek 1 (25 points)
Swedish 1 (25 points)
Romanian 1 (25 points)
Hungarian 1 (25 points)
Danish 1 (25 points)
Thai 1 (25 points)
Slovak 1 (25 points)
Finnish 1 (25 points)
Bulgarian 1 (25 points)
Hebrew 1 (25 points)
Lithuanian 1 (25 points)
Norwegian 1 (25 points)
Ukrainian 1 (25 points)
Croatian 1 (25 points)
Norwegian Bokmål 1 (25 points)
Serbian 1 (25 points)
Catalan, Valencian 1 (25 points)
Slovenian 1 (25 points)
Latvian 1 (25 points)
Estonian 1 (25 points)

I estimate it will be around 4800 forums total & I’m going to estimate that discussion websites around 1500.

If you have a team, how much would you charge for this entire project?
Is anyone familiar with “comment” sections on the internet? Where do they exist? News sites, youtube, twitter, etc.

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you never said in fiverr

Okay. Fair enough.

But I could think of plenty of ways to scale this project to a lower budget.

That’s a $1.90 per website.

I’ve already figured out a way to run a solid campaign on $4000/month. Streaming content for every site.

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