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A Great Design Proposal


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A Great Design Proposal

We understand that every proposal is unique, but, in order to save some time we tend to follow predefined structures.

Every of our proposal messages has three basic parts:

1. Problem statement
2. Proposed solution
3. Pricing information

Problem Statement

The first step here is showing someone that we understand exactly what the client need is.

We lead with this section because it’s the best way to join the conversation clients are already having in their heads. They’re frustrated about something. They’re dwelling on a problem and need it solved.

A persuasive problem statement would sound something like this:

“YourBusinessNameHere” has lately seen a drastic increase in competition. These new competitors have modern-looking websites, which are starting to attract some of “YourBusinessNameHere”'s long time customers.“YourBusinessNameHere” needs to redesign their website with a fresh new look to ensure existing customers are kept, and new ones are converted.
The redesign should include a way for customers to contact the company and a way to find locations.

Proposed Solution

Now with the knowledge of what’s motivating the client, it’s time to offer a solution.

A lot of us stumble here. The massive value a freelance can deliver often gets “lost in translation,” driving would-be clients to move on to the next proposal in the stack.

We susppect this happens because Service Providers fail to connect the proposed solution to tangible business benefits, things that clients can understand and appreciate, no matter their industry.

For example as Graphic Designers, aesthetics and beautiful graphic pieces resonate with us strongly. But we can’t afford to assume that clients value those things like we do. We can’t assume they’ll shell out cash to invest in a slick new design… just for the sake of having a slick new design! 🙂

Here’s how a good proposed solution might approach this:

To effectively recapture the market from new competitors, the website design must implement a marketing strategy focused on this goal. This will start with a needs analysis session that will identify the key elements of the website, different customer types, and all necessary calls to action.
Needs analysis will be followed with a content plan focused on specific goals, and will move into the design phase which will include the following…

Pricing Information

It also makes a lot of designers uncomfortable. They find themselves trying to skirt around price completelly, or itemizing every little service in an attempt to justify their rate.

We think that’s confusing for clients, many of whom flip directly to the pricing section before deciding whether to keep reading the rest of your proposal. A killer problem statement and proposed solution isn’t worth much if your client doesn’t read them.

Good news: you can turn your pricing section into a sales tool all on its own. By sticking to one price tag and keeping things high level, you make it easier for clients to digest. From a typography point of view, it’s best to place it in a grid.

Example of a pricing table:

Website Redesign---------------------------------------------------------------------------$150

Initial talk: We will meet and talk about your business practices, requirements and prefences, to get an idea of what you want, and what you need.

Interface: We will design a new, easy to use for the front end of your website, to help improve usability.

Responsive Design: We’ll make sure that your website is completelly responsive, so it is equally impressive and usable on any device.

Website Redesign: We will redesign your entire website to incorporate ease of use with clean, functional design.

Total price: $150

Please if you have any suggestion, write it on the comments. We are always learning in order to improve our business.

Thanks, Logic Designs.

Information taken from:
Bidsketch – 30 Aug 09


How to Write the Perfect Web Design Proposal - Bidsketch

Get a clear step by step walkthrough on how to create a perfect website proposal to quickly close your next sale. With real examples and proposal templates.

This is one of the greatest information a teacher could give!
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Guest uxreview

When you copy content from other websites then make sure you include your references.
A better category for this would be My Fiverr Gigs, it’s not a tip, it’s a sales pitch.

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This looks like a best and most concrete solution to attracting more clients.

I will test it for sure.

Yes, this structure:

1. Problem statement

2. Proposed solution

3. Pricing information

is a great solution to write best proposals and avoid common problems while you are stablishing a relation with the customer!


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