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Improving the ranking of my Gig


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I am new to this platform and as of now 2 of my Gigs have gone live. I paused the last gig which gained around 113 impressions in one month; 0 conversion ( which I believe is pretty low). My new gig is active and out of curiosity I have been following up on it every hour. I hardly see any impression.

Here are a few things which I would like to know:

  1. Is it tough for the newbies to bag projects on this platform?
  2. How do you improve the visibility of your gig ?
  3. Also, is there something missing in my current gig?

Thanks in advance for the help 🙂

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Look @sotakritika

  1. If your gigs are unique and interesting… then you will get new orders really soon.
    Most of the time new users quit because they don’t get any sales. And that’s the wrong step. A big NO NO to that! Well if you think from a buyers point of view then in their eyes, you are new… Which means who have no ratings, so some buyers will find other active users.
    The more you try to get the order… the more experience you will gain on how to use this website perfectly.
  2. Assuming that you are offering what others are successfully doing here… you have to share your Gigs to the social media platform as much as possible. Use Buyers Request section to send awesome offers about your gig(s).
  3. Yep! If possible, add your samples in the gigs you offer.
    I watched your video and read the description of your gig. Video already described what you have mentioned in the gig description. So spend some more time creating a unique description than your video description. It will help the visitors to understand more. (THAT’S JUST MY IDEA)
    Don’t use same Gig images in both gigs. And please please don’t use images you downloaded from the internet. It’s my experience… Some TRS got banned due to copyright issues. And Fiverr takes copyright materials and intellectual property claims seriously. I don’t want you to get banned without even starting.
    Your prices are perfect. Though i don’t know what’s the prices in this niche. After you got promoted to 2nd level you can increase the prices for more feasibility. Till then grab any job you get.

Notes: Join the academy, be an active member on forum, Don’t call any sir/mam. Call them wity their names/usernames. Whether you get one star rating or five star… stick to your professionalism and never leave your humble tone.

If you need any help, you can message me or CS is always here for you.
Best of luck! 🙏

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