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I don't get sales.. Give some tips..How I ranking my Gig

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Can you give me some tips? I can’t reach buyer after hard work. My gig is not in a good position to my specific keyword. What I did so far

  • Level One seller, With all 5-star rating
  • No delay delivery time
  • Full buyer satisfaction, You can understand if you read buyer review
  • Share my gig on social media every day
  • Set Tag after keyword research
  • Attractive gallery photo and title
  • Send buyer request every day

So what can I do now? What Fiverr said about good ranking I think I did all the thing but I don’t get the result. Many junior designers who came here after me they get “Promote gig” feature but I don’t get yet. Can you tell me how I can get orders? I think you answer me all the point I wrote here.Thanks.

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