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Did i gain something at Fiverr ? - An Experience Story


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Its been a year i started working at fiverr. I experienced diverse nature of clients with different demographics, i learnt a lot from them, i thought its worthy to write down about those experiences and let freshers know what they should and what they shouldn’t do at fiverr:.

1. Quality Service & Excellent Communication
There are thousands of sellers present at fiverr, i think two things can make a difference for you. First one is providing quality services and second is excellent communication. If you don’t have required skill set than i believe it will be hard to deliver quality services whether you are designing a logo or selling SEO services. Secondly excellent communication is much important, its really annoying for clients especially from Europe, USA, Australia that seller commits lot of grammatical mistakes or uses Slang language. Try to be as professional as possible. Most of buyers at my gigs belonged to USA, Europe and many of them admired my communication. Furthermore you can be a bit friendly with jolly nature clients, otherwise your Professionalism might look like Rudeness to such clients. But you should be careful with such clients, ‘a bit friendly’ doesn’t mean that you cross line limits of etiquette.

2. Client is King
There comes many stages when client just wants useless revisions, or confused or may even try to exploit you in the name of Gig Services, unlimited revisions. But ratio of such client is very low, i think you should give them a bit more room, try your level best. Opening conflicts with clients will only result in adverse affects on account.

3. Promise only what you can deliver
Do not start gigs which you cannot handle, fiverr is not a simple seller’s market, it’s actually a Competitive market, hence only best quality service providers will survive. I encourage you to start learning new aspects as well, but only take job when you can completely satisfy clients.

4. Fiverr success is more like Policies
When i started i got no order till few weeks, got a very low earning in first second and third month, but it was increasing month after month. I made a policy that rather than gaining bulk orders with low prices, i should go with lesser orders but relatively high prices. I’ll suggest to keep at $5 till you become level 2 seller, price should be based on some policy rather than abruptly changing them each week. Similarly you should have a policy about how to sell your service, for example you will provide initially 5 logo drafts and if there is no chance of wining client’s satisfaction then you will make a refund, Such policies will not only standardized your processes of work but will also give a satisfaction and effective tackling of work orders. Furthermore you should have a policy about how you will build client’s trust, simply speaking you should have policies and work ethics addressing each aspect of your selling.

5. Not every client needs the best
One of my project was cancelled because I’m not providing extra design drafts and just following client’s instructions, contrary to this another client cancelled order saying you waste time by showing extra drafts, you should’ve followed only my instructions. Its really important to understand buyer at very first communication, try to understand nature and preferences of clients this will help you rest of the order. Repeating client is a great blessing, you already have an idea of client’s nature and preferences.

6. Never Ever Try to be Smart with Fiverr TOS
I’ve seen many sellers try to act smart and may use malicious methods to increase sales, for example conducting a barter trade of reviews, multiple accounts, black hat SEO, trying to be direct with clients etc. Always follow fiverr terms of service and abide by rules. This is my only account since i joined fiverr, if you keep up with TOS, nothing harms your account. Just believe in yourself keep it up.

7. Gig Optimization
Choose gig title and tags wisely, both of these should be consistent with Description. Try to use simple keywords rather than using sophisticated terminologies. Buyers often use simple words to search for relevant gigs, your sophisticated terminologies may miss that. Gig should explain service in a simplest way, you should be specific while offering multiple packages.

8. Continuous Improvements
Gig galleries, communication, ratings, trust building and many more need continuous improvements, my gigs are not best samples, i always try to learn from others and improve myself. This is what you can take care of as well. There is always a room of improvement, nothing is perfect.
I’ll appreciate if you guide me about my gigs, there must be a chance of improvement.

Have a nice time! 🙂

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