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How do we contact Fiverr to report Gig copyright violations?


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I cannot find a way to report this gig for copyright violations and multiple use of an After Effects template that is not allowed by the licensing of that template.


Sheriff’s Note: It is not cool to call out others on the Forum.

is in direct licensing violation with BOTH licensing options where the template was purchased:


Sheriff’s Note: Links that are Off Fiverr are not allowed.

Multiple “end use” copies are not allowed.

Fiverr, please verify with people posting gigs that use obvious VIDEO TEMPLATES such as these that

  1. They actually purchased the template they are offering to use (lots of pirated copies exist of After Effects templates)
  2. They are complying with the licensing agreements of HOW MANY times the template can be used for different end products.

    It is unfair to the BUYER to unwittingly be sold something that violates international copyright law.

    In a court of law, the buyer cannot provide a receipt showing copyright transfer in the case of a complaint, and if they do show a transfer form, it will say who purchased the template originally, and that person’s authorization to have used and sold the template, as well as how many, will be checked as well, and the violation by the seller will be found out rather easily.

    Sadly, the BUYER can still be fined for purchasing the video, because, by law, he did not verify with the seller that the seller had the right to sell him the video in the first place.

    Please protect your Buyers, Fiverr… by making sure that Sellers operate in a legal manner.

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Even if they did purchase the template either through a basic or extended license they still DO NOT have any right to sell them here or anywhere else.

Customer support only responds to the ones who have the rights to the template. So only the authors of these templates can contact them and provide the legal documents for a DMCA take down.

I spend countless hours creating my own videos, and yet other people sell ripped off templates like hot cakes! I think Fiverr content editors must have like sub-divisions where someone can identify videos, someone else photos etc.

It’s getting ridiculous. If you go through the recommended section of each video category, you’ll see dupes of videos. People from the same country, sell the EXACT same template, claiming it’s their own creation.

Well, only Fiverr can deal with this. It’s in the ToS that users must report such activity, but I contacted them a few times and they did nothing about it.

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All reselling from videohive is illegal!!! And I think that fiverr helps to resale, as I can not access them so that they have deleted my files from fiverr. There are many my projects here, who illegally resold by fiverr sellers! And what I can do for stopping this? In your Customer Support there is a very complex form, I should arrange for filing a complaint about the violation of my copyright! Where should I give a lot of different documents confirming the violation of my rights, but what documents I can provide? I think that this was done deliberately to the authors of videohive could not file a complaint!

Do You check all files before publishing it? It is very easy to know if the same file is at videohve.

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