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Am i getting too hung up on my cancelation ratio?


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So since the new fiverr was launched like many sellers i have enjoyed looking at the new stats to help improve performance. The one stat i have found most helpful is the cancelation stat which shows my percentage of cancelations. This is good because previously i have been worried about loosing my level 2 every time i had to request a mutual cancelation

I have recently launched a new gig and found i have been having a higehr number of cancelations due to buyers not completing instructions correctly. I have tried my best to respond to this by improving my gig description and the instructions. However i am still getting one or two cancelations.

My percentage is currently at 13%. Is this high? Whats your experience? And what point should i be concerned its getting too high? Do i have nothing to worry about as long as the percentage remains low?

Really appreciate your thoughts and input

Mr Explainer

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