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Sending your mother-in-law a postcard from Hell

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Technically speaking I don’t have a mother-in-law but I’ve been with my girlfriend for more than 16 years. Her mother hates me. I call her mother-in-law just to piss off that dog.

I sent her a postcard from hell, maybe she hates me for that or the fact for one of her birthdays I got her a dog collar and dog leash.


Hell, Grand Cayman

Coordinates: 19°22′46″N 81°24′24″W / 19.37935°N 81.40678°W / 19.37935; -81.40678 Hell is a group of short, black, limestone formations located in Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands. Located in West Bay, it is roughly the size of half a football field. Visitors are not permitted to walk on the limestone formations but viewing platforms are provided. There are numerous versions of how Hell received its name, but they are generally variations on "a ministration exclaimed, 'This is what Hell must look l...

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