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No ratings does not mean no orders

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But that would defeat the purpose of Rating i would think. It is the responsibility of the BUYERS and not Fiverr Admins/CS to rate your Gigs.

The issue I think needs to be addressed more importantly if Sellers levels ratio. Some Sellers have lost their Levels because of dishonest buyers and it has been a hassle for CS to police this issue with the growing Fiverr community. The entire structure of how Sellers lose their levels needs to be completely revisited.

This is what I would like to see Fiverr Admins work at once the V.2 is stable enough.

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Guest tn5rr2012

One of the things I do is about 24 hours after I deliver the PDF file and Extras if the buyer has not responded or completed the transaction I will drop the following msg to them:

You recently purchased a (your gig title here) from me and did not leave any kind words of satisfaction in the feedback box of the order.

See, when you do not leave a written positive review,

  1. Fiverr interprets that as you may not be happy with your family tree product(s).

  2. 3 more days are added onto the 14 days I have to wait to get paid.

  3. It may affect my Fiverr standing in a negative way, like my rating.

    If you’re not happy, please let me know here.

    If you are happy, please take a moment, go to the order itself, then scroll down, and complete the order by leaving a written positive review…just some kind words in the feedback box.

    Thank you for your help on this.

    This is courtesy of @oldbittygrandma from a while back. Maybe this will help with your feedback. Good luck
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