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Need stricter application rules for Buyer request


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I’ve tried requesting for qualified Fiverr freelancers for specific task many times and keep on getting bunch of offers from unqualified applicants which not only unable to understand what my request were about instead they offered another option which has nothing to do with the request.

Request : To develop Facebook marketing API application using python

Examples :
Applicant #1: "I can do this in Wordpress"
Applicant #2: "I make a Dating App, Do you want a Dating App ?? Everybody need Dating App … blah blah blah …"
Applicant #3: “Sent offer for $5 and then markup to $1000 or more”

Most of them are from India, Bangladesh and Pakistan … I have nothing against these 3 countries but most I encountered are from the above mentioned countries.

I’m hoping Fiverr apply stricter application rules similar to Upwork and other freelancer sites out there by not allowing unqualified freelancer to apply for jobs they have no knowledge about otherwise they just keep sending spams and annoying buyers.

Worst experience a buyer could have on Fiverr where they purchase from these scammer’s offer and have no way to withdraw their money back to their bank account after gig cancelled after they finally realised the person they hired actually not capable to complete the task.

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