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Help Center Article on Rating an Order is buggy


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Good morning, Fiverr staff person! Please check the following quote from the Help Center article on rating an order, my bolding should highlight the issue. Some re-wording might help to make the article actually helpful instead of confusing for people. 🙂

Buyers cannot complete an order without rating it. If nothing is done, the order will autocomplete three days after the delivery date and marked as completed.
Buyers can add or remove a work sample to their review. To remove the work sample, please click on the (-) button on the work sample thumbnail while writing your review.
Buyers and sellers have 30 days to leave feedback.
Only sellers can edit their feedback.
Rating your experience is completely optional and not necessary to complete an order - if no feedback is left, the order will autocomplete three days after the delivery date.

link: https://support.fiverr.com/hc/en-us/articles/201504276-Rating-your-Order

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