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Requesting a Gig [ Why unapproved? RESOLVED ]


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If I request a Gig and its listed as UNAPPROVED does this mean it’s pending, it might be approved, or its not approved ?

If it is UNNAPPROVED how do I find out why, if I’m waiting for Approval how long should it take?

Sheriff’s Note: A great answer to two parts of this topic were answered by kjblynx. Here are those answers:

Part 1:

“Unapproved means it is either still in the pending process (if there is no “pending” step named) or it has not been approved. If it still states ‘Unapproved’ after 72 hours (the average approval wait time for anything on Fiverr) it has not been approved.

If it has not been approved, don’t try to request the exact same gig as it most likely goes against a terms of service for Fiverr OR is inappropriate. Try to word it differently or request a different gig.

Part 2: Why would a seller’s post be unapproved in Buyer Requests?

” That isn’t allowed, is why. The request a gig feature is for a buyer to ask for a service, not for you to spam advertise your gigs."

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I requested a Gig for someone to draw a narrow vertical cylinder. There wasn’t enough characters left to flesh-out my design request but I wanted to describe in detail, the drawing features, once I made contact with a Seller. My Request was ‘Unapproved’ with no reason given. I can’t draw worth a da_n and I couldn’t draw what I envisioned using any of the online drawing sites I’ve tried. I can’t download drawing software to the computer I’m using either. So, WHY would Fiverr ‘unapprove’ a request for a simple line drawing?

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… we are new to Fiverr. As a professional facebook (self help/personal improvement/psychology) site we want to find a technical expert to help us out with PROMOTION and MANAGEMENT of our webinars. We did ‘request gig’ which was not approved.

How can we find such advanced expert help in Fiverr?

We are ready to pay at higher levels…

Pls advise

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