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Hello,my name is Gia I’m from Romania, I’m new around here so I post this to obviously make my guinea pig seen (rip though) .

Just to tell a little bit about myself, I’m an art student and I’m interested in architecture and interior design. I’m a newbie about that too so the thing that’s just a little bit more special about me is the fact that I draw cute.

My little story is:After creating my fiver some time passed without any order (excluding my first order i couldn’t accomplish)and In the past 3 weeks I’ve desperately tried to find a fast way of making money on other sites but those tries were useless. I was feeling a little bit down about fiverr because I wasn’t getting any order and i was very isolated and introverted so i told almost no one I tried this until i reentered and discovered the forum. hehe 😛 So that’s why I’m posting this here right now. Well now i am not here to say :’’ come guys see my gigs ! ‘’ (even though i’d be happy if u do at least) I am here to ask you to rate my guinea pig. 🙂
I really feel fiverr community very friendly and helpful so i am happy to join it and give help.

I want you to tell me about your fiverr experience, how did you find out about fiverr, how did u get your first order and how was it, what did u do for more orders? by the wa how was your day? 🙂

Thanks for your time and success ^-^

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Hi & welcome!

Sneaky you! There’s no way to make out the guinea pig in that picture without clicking on your profile to get a larger view 😉
How did I find out about Fiverr? How, I don’t remember. It was many years ago. I do remember that I was appalled there’s a site that offers design services for the price of a pack of cigs. But then, many years later, Life happened and I am now a freelancing expat in a small foreign town, with no (offline) professional network to speak of. So, faced with the impending need of kicking much of my past professional life in the bin and becoming a… bus driver or something I decided to try and sell my skills to a MUCH wider audience. So, among other places, I set up shop here.
And much to my surprise, I like it!

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Hello Gia, welcome. I looked at your gigs and favourited one or two, who knows, maybe I´ll need some mermaid drawings some day. Also, because, guinea pig! Gig favorites, as forum reading will tell you or will have told you already, are one of the big divides. Either you belong to the ‘favorites will do wonders for your gig ranking’ party, or to the ‘rubbish! just for the buyers to find you back’ party. However, I do think favorites do look nicer than no favorites when one looks at a gig, so.


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