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**TONIGHT** - Planned Maintenance Downtime


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Guest tanmoyroy

Why same gig is showing on different pages?
Like one gig in page 5, same gig is in page 11 or page 13 like that. Is that a issue or something else?

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Just setting expectations. No new features. This is just an oil change, tire rotation and spark plug replacement. This is more to let everyone know that site will be down.

If this conflicts with a Gig delivery time, please contact support and they can work with you on the delivery.

Isn’t it possible to automatically extend the delivery time of all orders to as much as the downtime window? That would decrease the load on support and saves time of sellers.

Not many buyers and sellers visit forums, so sending a nice alert as soon as one logs in to Fiverr would work out better, in such situations, IMHO.


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Guest offlinehelpers

Thanks for letting us know😉

There’s no point in adding any more posts to this thread - the downtime has happened already!

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