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Solve your Phone Verification problem


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I saw many post about facing problem in Phone Verification . No problem now exists anymore guys . I am a simple seller not a level2/top rated seller .
Today i got an options for verify my mobile number then the system picked up my location Bangladesh automatically . I entered my mobile number and a text came through instantly. Typed code in and I was verified.

So guys verify your mobile to protect your earnings and feel more secure . You will have 30 days to complete phone verification and just do this freely . Thanks

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i cant verify my mobile. Like many freelancers, I a a digital nomad. I registered my fiverr account with my main location which is Thailand. Now suddenly when I’m traveling in Europe, I can’t verify with my french number. I don’t have roaming with my thai number as I always use cheap prepaid SIM cards.
I have no option to change my country as well (you need to ask fiverr team for edit that, which is kinda stupid). How they don’t understand that freelancers are traveling nowadays. The way this phone verification is programmed, is just worsen user experience.

They have no other answer other that stupidly repeating “try another number” which doesnt work, then they say try thai number and I can’t, as I don’t have a roaming

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