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Who remembers their first time?


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No, not that.

That warm, fuzzy feeling you got the first time your gig rose to the top spot for a particular search term.

I learned the hard way that Fiverr’s definition of a queue differs from the traditional definition. Imagine my surprise when a second order joined the queue, with the same due date as the first order!

So, I slapped on Vacation Mode to gain some breathing room. I had considered pausing the gigs, or using its automated cousin, Limit Orders. But, paused gigs don’t show up in search.

Later, when I returned from ‘vacation’, I noticed that my gig had actually disappeared from search. It would seem that Vacation Mode is little better than pausing. Luckily, a delivery and subsequent review restored the search appearance.

Fiverr should add a queue behaviour setting:

  1. Take the red pill and your queue is like the bar in a popular nightclub, with buyers waving fistfuls of cash and shouting their orders.

  2. Take the blue pill and your queue is like the serene environment of a banking hall, with buyers patiently waiting their turn.

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