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Who remembers their first time?


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No, not that.

That warm, fuzzy feeling you got the first time your gig rose to the top spot for a particular search term.

I learned the hard way that Fiverr’s definition of a queue differs from the traditional definition. Imagine my surprise when a second order joined the queue, with the same due date as the first order!

So, I slapped on Vacation Mode to gain some breathing room. I had considered pausing the gigs, or using its automated cousin, Limit Orders. But, paused gigs don’t show up in search.

Later, when I returned from ‘vacation’, I noticed that my gig had actually disappeared from search. It would seem that Vacation Mode is little better than pausing. Luckily, a delivery and subsequent review restored the search appearance.

Fiverr should add a queue behaviour setting:

  1. Take the red pill and your queue is like the bar in a popular nightclub, with buyers waving fistfuls of cash and shouting their orders.

  2. Take the blue pill and your queue is like the serene environment of a banking hall, with buyers patiently waiting their turn.

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Guest capitalquality

Vacation mode pauses all your gigs for you, so it’s exactly the same effect as pausing all your gigs manually.

If you don’t want to hide your gigs but need some breathing space, extend the delivery times. This should have the same effect as your little blue pill.

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