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Tips on getting the best jingle or beat from a seller in audio music niche

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In this present age, branding and advertisement is a very critical aspect of any business, program, events, podcast, shows etc
Its really frustrating when a buyer and seller cant seem to complete an order due to the fact that buyer isnt satisfied with a delivery.
On the other hand, the seller believes he has done a fantastic job and the buyer has no reason to request modification.


  1. Buyer needs to state the Industry which tthe jingle is intended for
  2. Buyer needs to provide a reference link to jingles he has heard in the past and liked
  3. Buyer needs to provide lyrics for jingle and reference link showing the style (either as song or as narration)
  4. Buyer needs to check seller’s gig for samples
  5. Seller must provide update to the buyer as much as possible before the final delivery
  6. Seller must send delivery with signature sounds as delivery and send the final file without signature sound after the buyer has accepted the delivery.
  7. Seller should deliver a quality job, i mean the best he could think of… This helps get a great review, rating, tip and return client.

Drop your comment about how a seller can avoid issues with buyers.

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