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I've seen some suspicious Gigs on Fiver

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I have a sound design gig where I offer custom sound design for any kind of project (videos, games, apps, etc…) I use my own recorded libraries and other libraries that I’ve bought and have the license to use and sell as part of a project. Companies that sell these sound libraries make it very explicit that you are not allowed to re-sell the sounds as part of your own library. That means you can use the sounds on projects, you can edit them, do any sound processing and mix them as you want.
However, I’ve seen many Gigs in the sound design section where people are just re-selling parts of these libraries. A few sounds from this library, some others of this other library… and they make their own library.
As far as I know this is illegal, but I’d like to know how strict is fiver with these activities.
Are these sellers ok (in the eyes of Fiverr) as long as the original authors don’t start any legal actions?
I understand the world we live in and that there’s always people trying to take advantage of loopholes.
I’m just asking because as a sound designer, or as someone who creates art, it is very sad to see someone else claiming authorship of something that doesn’t belong to them.

All the best,

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