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Wow, Cancelled orders + negative Feedback = Level 2 from Level 0 [PROVEN SYSTEM INSIDE]


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So a buyer cancels 3 orders and I move to level 2 from level 0, wow nice! Who thought order cancellations =level up. Hey wait before you go to customer support and use my testimony as evidence in your case. By the way, how can you phrase the punch line (the evidence I mean)? Something like…”hey you [good-for-nothing?] customer support, why are you not leveling me up? Gudwriter was leveled up even after a buyer cancelled his orders while I have sold more than 50, 60, 80 etc. orders all with a 100% rating yet I am stuck at level one (or worse still, at level 0!).”

First, listen to my story. It started about two months ago after a fierce argument with Mr. I-have-the-power-to-do-whatever (fiverr’s automated system). You see; he removed my level 2 badge and gave me a sheep after I mutually cancelled 18 orders due to a buyer’s mistake. I was not different from a newbie seller. I mean, all newbies are welcomed with a sheep, right? I had a sheep too, so Gudwriter = newbie, uncomfortable situation to be I must admit.

Fortunately, lady luck came visiting and she brought with her many orders. After 1 month and 2 weeks, I had completed over 50 0rders (no multiple orders, remember the feature was removed after the demotion) and maintained a 100% rating but I was still stuck at level 0. I wrote a complaint to customer support and [humbly] asked them to do something. They told me that Mr. I-have-the-power-to-do-whatever will level me up when the time comes. I waited for another week and still no level 1, so I wrote again. Here’s an excerpt;

“… I am, however, complaining about my levels not going up even after selling more than 30 gigs within the last 3 weeks. I have maintained a 100% and it’s time you honoured your promise (that a seller qualifies to level 1 after completing 10 orders and maintaining a 100% rating). I know maybe this is the work of the ‘automated system’, but don’t you think it’s time this ‘system’ was taught a lesson? This system is supposed to follow YOUR instructions that when a seller at level 0 sells more than 10 gigs within 10 days and maintains a 100% rating, his/her levels should go to 1. Furthermore, it’s not supposed to penalise a seller for mutually cancelling an order when the mistake was made by the BUYER. Anyway, that’s a story for another day…”

They quickly gave me a negative reply as I expected. This killed my morale. Anyway, as I told you earlier, I discovered a method that has been proven 100% to work.

Have you completed more than 50 orders and maintained a 98% and above rating yet you are stuck at level 0 or level 1? I have a solution. Teach Mr. I-have-the-power-to-do-whatever a lesson by cancelling an order. You see; he may be sleeping but when you cancel (an) order(s); it’s like you disturb him, he wakes up and he is like “….time to level down this bustard …” but after doing his calculations he discovers that you seriously need a leveling up.

Disclaimer: This method is still in “alpha phase” and it has not been proven 100% to be effective (I am still testing the ‘method’ in my backyard lab). Once I get to ‘beta phase’, I will invite all of you to ‘test’ it.

Fiverr customer support is the best team I have ever met, they respond to my questions really fast. I was not feeling like sleeping so I decided to write this stupid post though some information is correct. Imagine it’s 3 am and I have not yet slept!

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