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How can I withdraw money on buyer account


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Hello there, I am a buyer here, and couple of weeks back, I ordered a gig and the seller cancelled it for some reason. I want my money to be refunded to my credit card but Fiverr support has not done anything yet. How can I get my money back?

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Fiverr does not automatically refund payments made for cancelled orders back to your payment provider. Funds from order cancellations are refunded to the buyer’s balance as credit and are available for future purchases on Fiverr. Funds returned to your balance from cancelled orders will not include processing fees paid.

Deposit refunds, when available from the payment provider, can be performed by our Customer Support team. To prevent fraud and abuse, we limit the total amount of times users can request a payment provider refund from their account which is subject to review by our Customer Support team. Such refunds may be subject to an additional fee. If any processing fees were added at the time of purchase to create a new order, the processing fees from that payment will not be refunded along with your deposit.

From the Terms of Service. You´ll have to contact Customer Support and ask them for a refund to your payment source.

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