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Guilty Pleasure


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So I had a pretty busy week, I had work ( and I have several unpleasant encounters at the office) and several Fiverr gigs that kept me running around with my head on fire.
For now it’s done and I got a lovely tip, so I decided to treat myself to this strawberry parfait.

Life is good with fruits and icecream. 😍

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Durian ice cream, I tried that in Thailand. That was my guilty pleasure. I know some people don´t like durian coz of the smell.

Oh I loooooooooooooooooove durian!!

The smell doesnt bother me, there’s plenty of stinkier stuff out there 😜

BTW durian chips are great, they dont smell AND taste wonderful!!

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Where? Starbucks? Have to get to Starbucks. Nearest one is 3 km from my home.

I don’t think you can get parfait at Starbucks, at least not in Tokyo.

I got this parfait at this restaurant called Jonathan. (It’s like the Japan version ot Denny’s)

It tasted great BTW. I need to do this more often hahaha 😍

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