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How i made $352 in my first month


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Hello Dear Community,
Today i will share how i made $352 in my very first month.
i created account on march 2017 and i created the 2 gigs of logo designing.
before creating gigs i have done researched on fiverr and also outside of fiverr. i searched about what people search now means i found the most words which has been used by the buyers on internet and i used those words as my tags.
and created the gig according to those most used words. gig title and tags

then i offer the most valuable service in lowest price and provide the my best work in gig samples but unfortunately i only able to display three designs then i created a portfolio and share the link of my portfolio on my gig.

then after the completion of 3 gigs. i submitted the 10 buyers requests and in which i got 2 orders on my first day. i sent attractive request based on quality and quantity both.
and then i regularly submit the buyer requests and i get one or two orders.

after 10 days on 13 march suddenly i got 7 orders on a single day. i thought my gig has gone on top of the first page. i did have any time to check my gig where was at page.
i worked hard and deliver all 7 orders on time. and completed in 24 hours next day i got 6 more orders and then 3rd day 16 march i got 4 orders and i delivered on time…

there was only three orders which made me in trouble. and these three buyers were too harsh to mee they said they got the design from other sellers and they are satisfied with the design and then straightly asked the refund after my delivery of work and i cancel the order

after the cancellation of 3 orders on single day. i did not got orders on next day and then after 3 days i got 2 orders from buyer request and now daily i got 1 order…

i am happy that i made huge amount in my first month…

i am expert in graphic designing thats the reason i made this amount if you want to earn like this then first explore your skills.

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Guest virtualast007

Nice one brother.
You did a grate job to deliver all of that orders on time.
More success on your way

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