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Two quirks in search techniques (coding?), but do they mean anything to YOU?


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Two issues - or at least observations.

Search term flexibility: I made searches for the word combos “British Voice Over” compared to “British Voiceover” and was happy to see that it returned the same results. But when I tweaked the search string to read “British Voice-over” the result was different. So Fiverr SEEMS to have a search protocol that is coded to allow for some flexibility in search terms, but not all. Might be good to consider this as a buyer or seller. Slight variations in search words or spellings can change the results. Not big news, but something to think about.

(Note: also tried intentionally mis-spelling it as BRITTISH VOICEOVER and got no results. Understandable, but if you are used to search engines that give you results despite mis-spelled words, that is not happening here. At least in this exact case.)

Second oddity. While doing the searches, I noticed that no matter what terms I put in Fiverr’s search box, another seemingly unrelated term also appeared in the “Tab” in Firefox browser. Hard to see, but look in the very upper left hand corner of the screen grab and you’ll see that even though I searched for “British Voice-over” the tab says “Fiverr / Search results for Wordpress Plug-ins”. And if you keep refreshing the search on Fiverr, that tab heading keeps changing every time to some new unrelated topic. No, it did not change the RESULTS of the search. Just have to wonder if this means anything in the world of search coding.

Thanks Fiverr for trying to improve the search situation. If this is meaningless, sorry for the distraction. If it means something - good luck troubleshooting it.

(And it might be unique to Firefox.)

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Sorry, the image in my post above would not size correctly for forum display - even though it was created to fit here. (Another bug?)

Trying again to show the odd terms in the tab header in the upper left. Despite searching for term “British Voice-over” and actually getting gigs that match that, the “TAB HEADER” says the search is for “Wordpress Plugins”. Might NOT mean anything. Or might.

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