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How to get more orders and get Seller Level 1 through 7 gigs


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Hello Fiver Community! I hope of you are all right. The link which I displayed above is that. I have made 7 different gigis on the skill which I have and I want to work on each gig. Unfortunately, till then now, I have not attain Seller Level 1. I have seen other fiveer sellers that they got Seller Level 1 on their just 1st gig. My response time shows that I am interested and keen to work on fiveer. Please, guide me about how to attain orders and get Seller Level…

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Hi everyone, hope you all are doing well. I was near to achieving level 1 when orders totally stopped. 35 days have passed and I got not a single order.Please provide me your valuable suggestions so I can revert back to my regular work. I am a dedicated and serious writer, believe in hard work but am depressed due to not getting orders.


Here’s the link of my gig.

Waiting for your reply

If you want help you just need to create your own new topic.

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