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Fiverr Give More Priority to Buyer than Seller ? Feeling So Bad :(

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I take a Project of 150$ Dollars Give Unlimited Revisions To Buyer then I was working so hard to make him Happy After 13 days I Made the whole project Then He take all the access of Website and Send me Dispute , After I Contact Fiverr Support they Check the Situation and Conversation between me and Him , The Fiverr Send This Message
" I’m sorry but unfortunately we cannot force your buyer to accept the order if he/she is not happy. Your buyer provided a detail list of things that were still not working and those things need to be addressed and rectified. I would suggest providing a list to your buyer of the requirements and what has been done and asking your buyer to list what is still not correct so you can fix it and so you can both walk away satisfied with the order. "

After that Another Message Comes that They have Cancel the order , I dont Know What Fiverr Thinks But i have work Hard and I need Justice For myself and there are millions people out there which have same situation but Fiverr Give More Rights To Buyers , Feeling So Sad 😦 Like to Support me Thanks

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I think fiverr must add some % refund option if buyer is not satisfied.
Maybe you did something wrong but you wasted 2 weeks and at keast did something good.
So there must be option like 50% refund guaranteed and sellers must be able to set how much will they refund
Maybe you will guarantee 100% refund for 5$ gigs which are easy to complete
But there is a lot of new categories now and gigs there consumes a lot of time and hard to complete. I dont think that its good option for fiverr to refund all monay to buyers after 1 month hard work even if they aren’t happy

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