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Do you ever suddenly realize that it's ten years later?


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Ok, it might just be me, but have you got into that state when you are freelancing (or whatever), and sudden;y you realize that the music tracks which you type into Youtube are basically the same tracks which you were listening to 10-years or more ago?

For me. it\s like finally understanding why my mum got so excited about 80’s Saturday on the radio when she was doing the ironing when I was a kid,

Anyone else noticed this?

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I seem to be stuck thinking that 10 years ago was the 90s.

When I need to give my kids’ birth year I get very confused as a DOB of 20XX just looks odd to me.

1997 was 20 years ago.

I also think it’s about 10 years ago. Perhaps it will always feel like 10 years ago…

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