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No sales motivation going down

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Hi guys,

ever since the fiverr 2v has come I have no sales at all. Honestly saying guys my gigs were not offering very good things(as compared to now), but still I got sales. But now I have optimized them good headline, description, images, video(in some gigs) but still no sales. I am really out of motivation. I have some very good idea about many gigs that i want to offer, but since my current gigs are not getting any sales what so ever, its hard to do that. I asked in another IM forum one guys said you have a childish profile pic(that is strange) I just want anyone to criticize my gigs cause i cant see any problem and thanks for hearing out from me and looking for you guys reply bye

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I hate to be that as s hole but you got 86% most people have 99-100%. so good chance you are getting views then people see that rating and find the next guy. Try resolving things with you’re earlier buyers and or refund so you get a better rating

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praveenshkgp said: cause i cant see any problem


Praveenshkgp, I suggest you get a friend to take a look at this gig in particular: http://fiverr.com/praveenshkgp/transcribe-25-minutes-of-audiovideospeech-or-presentation Sometimes a 2nd pair of eyes is what's needed to highlight a glaring problem


praveenshkgp said: now I have optimized them good headline, description, images, video(in some gigs) but still no sales.


Looking closely at the above gig and then comparing it to other copywriters gigs that are making sales, you may be able to see why there's no sale - so far - on your gig. Particularly, as a buyer I would assume that the images shown are a sample of your writing style that I will be getting when I purchase that gig


PS: I chose copywriter gigs for you to compare as you state you're a copywriter in your profile even though the gig is about transcriptions :-B



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settle things with old buyers or ask support to help you with things. If that doesn’t work cancel account if you can and start completely fresh. Your rating is very low and Buyers move on to a different seller. Did you do a lot of Force cancels and receive a lot of late cancels. I had a few force cancels early in my career and had a recent one and my percentage has stayed at 93% for awhile now. a lot of my gigs are 100% or high 90’s and a few haven’t got ratings yet because their new. Just figure out how to get the rating back up or get a new account if you can maybe?

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Hey dude,

I think I have some tips for you. I think these are the best tips to promote your Gigs outside of the Fiverr in other word, Self-Promotion.


★ Create a WordPress self hosted blog about your Services you provide on Fiverr.

★ Then start writing many articles about your services such as,

✔️ Benefits of the service.

✔️ Features of the service.

✔️ Why they need to choose you. - Unique Point of you.

✔️ Your Bonuses and Giveaways.

✔️ How to use your services to maximum benefit of the buyer, it might be getting traffic etc.

✔️ How to use your services to Resell.

✔️ Purpose of your services and so on. I think you got the point


Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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