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Getting At Least Recommended

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Hey All,

I have an ad in the Advertising section under radio. I go daily and I keep seeing people on the “recommended” tab who have no sales or thumbs up or reviews. im a bit confused. is it the key words? i have sales, i have a video the only thing i dont have is a banner because it seems impossible to take a pic and make it that wide and using stock pics is against the rules. Does the recommended tab get rotated? if someone looks at the new tab or the high rating tab they will see me but good grief who goes there? im at a loss as to how im at 100 percent (admittedly few sales. only 5) while people with ZERO reviews are recommended?

Also i see that others have more than one video. is that because they are level one or two? i know i should probably create more gigs but i feel like its silly to have a bunch of gigs with zero sales.

Im only talking about the recommended tab… BEING FEATURED is almost like impossible to me right now lol

Any advice would be great Below is the link to my ad


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