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My first sell but i don't now i deliver message? Hel me please


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Hi everybody (sory for language now)
I sell my first gig yupi 🙂
But i write messegage give attach files and click green button "send and also the same operation to “deliver your order” (many times ) and i i don’t see nothing signal information to my dashboard this message is delivered ,also my messeage to I’m sent i don’t see to conversation window and i have still times clock down and orange windows "order in progress deliver soon"
what i must doing now?? 🙂

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The first time I delivered on V2 I did something stupid. Because I didn’t see the Delivery button up on the page I delivered through the message box (inbox). Fortunately I saw the clock was still ticking so I found out that there was a DELIVER button. I delivered again there!!!

hope everything goes OK with you 🙂

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