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So straaaaaaaaaaange


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When Jan started, I got 5 video orders in a single day.

I was booked for another 10 days.

When these orders were about to be completed, I got another 4 video orders along with 2 3D orders.

I was out of this world. All I was seeing is work and the thing everyone love tagged with this work.

Suddenly, after 20th of Jan, Everything dried up for about 10-15 days.

Feb was quite dried up in term of orders. March started nicely with 5 orders in my bucket. I completed all of them by 5th. Didn’t get any for another 20 days. Finally, a ray of hope and got two/three, after 25th. The video gig is facing the worst season with just 2 orders in past thirty days.

That the life of freelancing, you got times when you wish they stop coming, and times that you wonder why so dry. The price of being your own boss, but still, it feels good to be your own boss or do what you like without anyone breathing on your neck 🙂

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