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Fiverr account suspended


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My fiverr account was suspend , and fiverr support had asked me to come after 90 days .
when 90 days has completed , I reach back to fiverr support team ,so that i can withdraw my money.

They asked me to fullfill this requirement
"Please provide your security question and answer.
Account authentication through Paypal"

I don’t remeber my security answer but i can provide all paypal detail

i have used more than 4 paypal in last 4 years.
but unfornately i unable to provide my first paypal detail .
because i dont remember my first paypal account detail.
i know my rest all paypal detail and also i know my payoneer detail.

i had provided 1 paypal information with id proof and selfie with id proof
but they rejected my request
how can i get back my acocunt. i have email access ,paypal access and fiverr account access, even i can provide all paypal id proof and payoneer id proof (government id )

please let me know ,how can i withdraw my money from account.
i am verymuch worried about my fund.
support are not responding to my ticket 😦

please guys help me out

username : alex66

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