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30-Days New Tomorrow:-) - How am I Tracking

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Hey fellow Fiverrs’! I’m Angie, a VO:-) 30-days new tomorrow, AND hopefully a Level-1.

Would love any feedback or thoughts on where I’m at so far …
Received my first voiceover sale within hours of opening my profile and Gig; even a tip.
Great stuff! Then nothing for days, so created a few other gigs (that were NOT tiered/packaged). Then some realistic & solid consistency for about 2/3 weeks. THEN, what’s seemed like a complete drop in sales. I’ve tweaked my gigs, tweaked and re-tweaked and not much is seeming to change. Fiverr however offers some great SEO and analysis tracking tools which give me some peace of mind.

Some questions if any of you lovelies have insight …

Has anyone else experienced impressions drop immediately after a Gig modification?
Is a decline in trend typical after making adjustments/improvements to Gigs?
How often should we attempt modifying or tweaking Gigs?

In general I’m feeling decent about my progression, 22-orders and 20-reviews in 30-days so can’t complain. Just my innate desire to grow this awesomely and with everything:-) I am a
full-time voiceover outside of Fiverr and interested in innovating myself with this platform.
Naturally, wondering if there is real potential to eventually develop this into at least a part time income.

Thanks in advance, best to you all 😘


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