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Complete 38 orders and Earn 2100 USD


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Hello All.
I want share you my experince of this month.
I complete 38 orders in March and earn more then 2K .

But i am shocked because my GIG is go back to page 1,2,3 to 12 and 13 .
I d not know why. can any one tell me about the reason.

Response Rate 100%
Orders Completed 100%
Delivered on Time 100%

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This is NOT Google or some other search engine where you are quasi-guaranteed a top position. Fiverr is rotating the ads, sometimes not showing them AT ALL, as 1st page spots are limited and there surely are others with similar performances as yours, and others who must be given a chance. If your ad would block the 1st page forever, there would be no chances for newcomers, right? Was not what you wished for for yourself as we were a newcomer either, correct? 😈

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