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Ordering gigs before vacation - am I crazy?


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So here it is…

Saturday around 14:00 I order two video gigs, one in english and one in spanish (both say same thing, in their respective languages). Both are new sellers (First time I order from them).

Sunday around 14:00 I will get my gigs, watch the video gigs.

Monday 12:00 eat lunch
Monday 14:00 head to airport
Monday 17:55 take off for vacation to South America for 3 or so weeks.

Am I crazy to order TWO 24 hour gigs this so soon to vacation? I won’t have any wifi until Tuesday evening.

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If I say something from sellers aspect, they might need instructions and will be hard to do the job without you. You can clarify them about your vacation so that both of you can negotiate to revise the project in extra 3 days…

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