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Some turnkey tips for new sellers | boost your fiverr sales


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When someone decides to join fiverr.com as a freelancing platform weather for being an entrepreneur, the solopreneur or just pocket money, some questions pop-up in mind

  1. How could we get our first sale?
  2. 😑 How difficult is to get the Level 1 Seller
  1. Can’t we always get same sales everyday?

When i started Fiverr, I joined it as my second option other than the Upwork | Freelancer.com. With passage of time, Fiverr completely changed my mind about it. I was getting amazed with the Fiverr’s criteria about dividing work between Million of Freelancers. Lets figure it out, How?

There’re some points that you need to take care about while making a GIG.

Your Profile is the first impression of your Fiverr’s Portfolio. Complete its initial requirements so it will be 100%. Don’t compromise on Your Profile Description, it really matters

Chose your skill area, I’d always prefer to go for some limited skills area that you’re so much practiced & experienced in. It will let the clients know that you’re professional in your services. (My Recommendation)

While making a gig, must keep in mind that you’re not offering such services that you can’t do (sometime people confirm it with your profile Description)

Before making a gig must make a research about what you gonna offer. What else you need to write. Research process could be the

1."Writing some words in Fiverr Search"
2. Open gigs that are related to your business
3. Consider them your competitor and start following him
4. The Real TIP (I usually copy the tags they use, but in my own way not the same 100%)
Note : Remember following some Good seller doesn’t mean to copy them. Tackle their way to do, follow the rules in the same way but not to copy their content or something else

Must use perfect English & keep your focus on elaborating your services but not about you. Your profile is enough to explain you.

Take care of the Title & Description combination with Categories & Tags. You can learn this by reviewing & following the very first gigs related to your search in Fiverr Search Engine.

Complete your all 7 gigs you got.

Do the same Research Practice with all gigs.

Try to upload a authentic thumbnail or a Animated video could be the better option. The best thing i recommend you is to make your own video explaining about your services, that will work like super amazing (will be better to get your Gig in Searches as well as to convince the Clients).

Participate in Buyer Requests always, you’ll get about 10 Buyer Requests everyday. Must utilize those in better way. It will help you to get manual Sales as well, the more people will visit your Gig, the higher will be your impressions which will turn your Gig to rank higher in Fiverr Searches.

If you get some queries, Must respect the Buyer or client and yeah, work on the same thing that you already know "Client is always Right 😃 "

All the best, these are some tips that might help someone in any way.


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